A local treatment that keeps the structure of the original core. It is applied to ferric component allows to improve mechanical properties of local areas by increasing the hardness of certain areas making them more resistant to wear, seize-up, fatigue and impact giving a better resistance to traction and torsion of transmission mechanical parts. In addition deformation is minimized.

It is a electromagnetic process where an electrical variable current is applied to an induction coil with a certain power and frequency, thus inducting a variable magnetic field which causes a heating of the part due to loss of magnetic hysteresis and Joule-effect.

The heating is produced on a surface layer of the part up to austenization temperature depending of several controlled parameters (power, frequency, time, design and inductor coupling). In order to have a complete transformation of the material structure, the part must be cooling rapidly through a shower or by diving into polymers.

The layer thickness will be dependant on the type of treatment, either high-frequency (HF) or medium-frequency (MF).

Besides being specialized in big series (with automated feeding systems) we also do small series and single parts

We design and produce our own inductors, having a total of over 2000 inductors.