TTT Group is a renowned international company in the field of aeronautics, specialized in heat treatment and high-quality coatings with over 60 years advising and helping our customers. Our company provides a diverse range of multi-technology solutions, with a particular focus on landing gear and engines. We have gained approval from leading manufacturers in the market, which attests to our ability to meet the most demanding industry standards. We focus on customer satisfaction as our top priority, backed by our extensive experience and track record.

Landing gear

Landing gear is a critical component that must perform flawlessly during take-off and landing. The safety of the crew and passengers depends on it. The nature and position of this critical component demands strength, resilience, and toughness to meet design requirements.

At TTT Group we perform the heat treatment of the parts that normally consists of a vacuum quenching and tempering. Once they are returned to the customer for finishing to size, we continue with the surface treatments. First Shot Peening treatment is carried out which provides the parts with great resistance to fatigue and then we continue with the coatings. Depending on the specifications of each client, this can be hard chrome or HVOF. Finally, we finish the parts with a Grinding process plus a super finish thus achieving great hardness and resistance to wear with a very good surface roughness.


The different parts of aircraft turbines are subject to extreme temperature and resistance demands. The materials used are nickel, chromium, titanium, etc. bases that require adequate conditioning of the structure by heat treatment. Coatings also allow for suitable surfaces to meet design requirements. Tribological properties and even soft (abradable) surfaces are achieved to improve performance through mechanical closures.

Parts normally treated include:

  • Bearing housing
  • Extraction conduits
  • Turbine blades
  • Turbine guide blades
  • Housing
  • Axles
  • Stamps
  • Bearings
  • Pipelines


The aircraft fuselage carries a lot of structural elements that have to combine lightness with the resistance for which they have been designed. Small fittings can be found, as well as large crossbars that can be made of aluminium and titanium where it is necessary to combine strength and lightness or stainless steel when greater protection against oxidation is required.

The systems that generate the movements, such as small actuators, springs, spindles etc. require coatings and great surface hardnesses that give the elements a great surface hardness.

Both heat treatment processes and coatings are carried out with the aim of obtaining the required material properties as well as design requirements.

  • Fuselage
  • Hinges
  • Engine nacelles
  • Engine mounts
  • Housing
  • Locks
  • Rivets

Certifications that support our commitment

At TTT Group we are proud of the customer certifications and approvals we have obtained over the years. The NADCAP seal and all the Approvals from the main OEMs and Tier 1 in the aeronautical industry have allowed us to improve our processes and our quality standards. This spirit of improvement also makes us attentive to new technologies in order to make them available to the entire supply chain.