We offer both customised and chain treatments and coatings

At TTT Group, one of our key strengths is the availability of complementary technologies along the entire value chain of components requiring heat treatments and coatings. Thanks to this integration, we can offer chained treatment and coating processes that optimize the quality and performance of our products. Examples of this synergy include:

  • Carbonitriding followed by induction hardening.
  • Shot peening, chrome plating and grinding.
  • Vacuum quenching and nitriding.
  • HVOF process followed by grinding and testing.
TTT Group: Tratamientos Encadenados Aeronáutica

This integration of processes gives us the convenience of having a single interlocutor and allows us to reduce product maturation time, ensuring the highest quality in each step. Furthermore, we understand the importance of the final tests as a complement to verifying and certifying the treatments carried out, thus guaranteeing exceptional results for our customers.

Heat Treatments

Our offer includes a wide range of heat treatment services, both general and specialized, to meet all your needs.

Vacuum treatments

We offer vacuum treatments in an air- and gas-free environment, which improve the properties of materials in a precise and consistent manner.

Surface treatments and coatings

Enhance your materials with our advanced surface treatments and coatings, which optimize the outer layer without affecting its internal structure.

Surface preparation and finishing

Discover our selection of services designed to improve the quality, precision, and appearance of your component surfaces, ensuring an exceptional, high-performance finish.

Laboratory and Testing

At the TTT Group, our treatments and coatings are thoroughly tested to ensure their quality and optimal performance in all circumstances.