Hardness and Strength

Heat treatment solutions that adapt to your needs. Our extensive range of solutions in our catalogue is designed to meet your unique requirements. At TTT Group we understand the importance of offering customised solutions adapted to the needs of each customer, which is why we offer a complete heat treatment service to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the process.

Heat treatments

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Quenching and Tempering

Thermal process used in the metal materials industry. Its main objective is to modify the structure of these materials in order to obtain specific properties, such as hardness, resilience and strength, which are necessary for various applications.

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Induction hardening

Localized surface treatment to enhance the mechanical properties of ferrous components without altering the structure of the original core. This process provides hard surfaces, resistant to wear, galling, fatigue and impact.

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Cryogenic treatment

Procedure that subjects parts to extremely low temperatures. This process allows the structure of the material to complete its transformation process, thus improving the characteristics of hardness, resilience, and dimensional stability of the parts.

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Carburizing and Carbonitriding

Surface thermochemical processes that enrich the surface structure of the steels with carbon and/or nitrogen, providing a hardened and resistant layer on the surface and a tough core in the treated parts.

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It is a process of diffusing nitrogen on the surface of the material, resulting in increased hardness and wear resistance. Nitriding is carried out in a nitrogen-controlled environment, which allows the characteristics of the surface layer to be modified.