Nitriding is a thermochemical surface process used to improve the surface properties of metal materials. It is a process of diffusing nitrogen on the surface of the material, resulting in increased hardness and wear resistance. Nitriding is carried out in a controlled environment with nitriding salts or nitrogen, which allows the characteristics of the surface layer to be modified without significantly affecting the properties of the core of the material.

TTT Group offers three types of nitriding: TENIFER® salt nitriding, NITREG® gas nitriding and active-screen ion nitriding. These options allow the process to be adapted to the specific needs of each application.

Processes Details

The nitriding process is performed at relatively low temperatures, usually between 500°C and 600°C, submerging the part in salts or an ammonia medium which, when decomposing, releases elemental nitrogen capable of reacting with the metal of the part. This reaction allows the diffusion of nitrogen on the surface of the material, forming the nitride layer.

It is common for a wide variety of parts that undergo nitriding to also undergo pre-treatment of vacuum quenching and tempering to optimize their mechanical properties and ensure optimal results during the nitriding process.

Parts and Components

The main parts treated are gears, shafts, bearings, moulds, dies and cutting tools in various sectors such as automotive (cranks, gears, transmission parts), aeronautics (gears, shafts), energy (axles, turbine gears), and hydraulic (cylinders, pistons). Nitriding improves the performance and durability of these critical parts in their respective industrial fields, providing an effective solution for applications requiring wear resistance and high reliability.

Fields of Application

Nitriding is a widely applied process in various industrial sectors that require improved surface properties for proper operation and prolonging the service life of components. Nitriding is most used in the automotive, aerospace, energy, hydraulics, general manufacturing and oil and gas sectors. In each sector, parts such as gears, shafts, bearings and cutting tools are treated to improve their resistance to wear and extreme conditions, ensuring optimal performance and greater durability.

TTT Group has the necessary aeronautical certifications that guarantee compliance with the quality standards required in the industry. For the automotive sector we hold the IATF Certification.

Nitruración en Trenes de Aterrizaje