Precision and quality

Surface preparation and finishing are critical processes in the manufacture of high precision and aesthetic components. Grinding is a machining process in which material is removed from the surface of a part using an abrasive tool, such as a grinding wheel. Polishing, on the other hand, is a finishing process in which the surface of a piece is smoothed using a finer abrasive, such as a paste or a diamond powder, to achieve a smooth, shiny surface. Both processes are critical to ensuring dimensional accuracy, geometry, and aesthetic quality of the part, and can be used in a wide range of materials, from metals and ceramics to plastics and glass.

Surface preparation and finishing

Preparación y Acabado de Superficies, Rectificado


Process used to obtain precise finishes and exact dimensions on metallic or non-metallic parts. The goal is to achieve a smooth and uniform surface, with the desired roughness, eliminate irregularities and improve the dimensional accuracy of the parts.

Preparación y Acabado de Superficies, Pulido


Process that consists of smoothing, buffing and giving shine to a part or component by eliminating imperfections, scratches, marks and roughness. It is possible to obtain a smoother and brighter surface, thus improving the aesthetic and functional appearance of the part.