Hard Chrome is a local and superficial treatment and that is applied to different parts and components to improve their physical and chemical properties. It consists of the electrolytic deposition of a layer of metal chrome on the surface of the base material. This chrome layer confers the parts a high level of hardness (65- 70 HRc), resistance to corrosion and wear and abrasion, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

Processes Details

The Hard Chrome process begins with meticulous preparation of the surface of the part to be treated. This preparation involves cleaning, degreasing and, in some cases, polishing to obtain a smooth surface free of impurities. The part is then immersed in a low-temperature electrolytic bath (electroplating) containing hexavalent chromium, and using an electric current, a thin layer of chromium is deposited on the surface of the part. It can be applied locally, allowing only a specific area of the part to be chromed. The deposition speed and thickness of the chromium layer are carefully controlled to achieve the desired properties.

Depending on the desired finishes, the chrome coating can come in different ways, such as rough projection with a small chrome flash, grinding or polishing, or in a matte or glossy finish.

Parts and Components

Hard chrome plating is applied to a wide variety of parts and components used in the aeronautical, industrial vehicle, energy and capital goods industries. In the aeronautical industry, it is applied to cylinders, pistons, valves, seals, axles, bearings and landing gear elements to resist wear and corrosion. In the industrial vehicle sector, it is applied to crankshafts, connecting rods, axles and steering systems to improve durability and performance under demanding conditions. In the field of energy, cylinders, pistons, valves and components are treated to ensure reliable operation in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in power plants. Finally, in equipment goods, a variety of components of industrial machinery, lifting and handling cargo, as well as agricultural and construction machinery are treated to ensure their strength and durability.

In the specific case of landing gear parts in the aeronautical industry, a procedure is followed in which the parts are initially subjected to a Shot Peening process to improve their resistance to fatigue. The hard chrome plating or HVOF process is then applied and, if necessary, the chromium or HVOF layer undergoes grinding to obtain the desired finish.

Fields of Application

This treatment has a significant application in various industrial sectors due to its ability to enhance the durability and strength of parts and components. The main sectors where this treatment is applied are the manufacture of industrial machinery and equipment, the petrochemical and power generation sector, the automotive and engine manufacturing, and the aerospace and aeronautical industry.

Hard Chrome plating is a versatile and effective solution for improving the lifespan and performance of equipment and machinery in various industrial sectors.

TTT Group holds the corresponding aeronautical certifications, which guarantees the application of these processes with the highest quality standards in aeronautical applications and in other sectors of the industry.

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