Annealing processes are used to regenerate the structures of the materials and recover states to allow other Heat treatments to be carried out. Annealing involves the controlled heating of materials at specific temperatures and their subsequent cooling, which reduces hardness, increases malleability, and eliminates internal stresses.

Processes Details

At TTT Group these processes are carried out in high vacuum furnaces so that the surface of the part is not altered, and cooling takes place in an inert atmosphere to prevent surface oxidation in steels, titanium and nickel and exotic base materials.

Annealing is generally applied after cold deformation work, such as rolling or stamping. It consists of heating the material to an appropriate temperature for a certain time and then cooling it slowly in a furnace or by another controlled method. This crystalline defect such as dislocations to be eliminated, enabling the original crystalline structure to be restored, thus improving the mechanical properties and formability of the material.

Parts and Components

Annealing is a heat treatment widely used in a variety of parts and metal and alloy components. These processes are applied to cold-stamped and cold-rolled parts such as sheets, plates, pipes and profiles, as well as components of industrial machinery and equipment such as gears, shafts, bearings and screws. In addition, these treatments are undergone by a wide variety of structural parts, both steel and other materials, including engine and landing gear parts in the aerospace and automotive industry.

Fields of Application

These treatments are widely applied in various industrial sectors. The most common applications are in the fields of aeronautics and energy, where the regeneration of structures and the recovery of states are fundamental to maintaining and improving the quality and performance of components. In addition, they are used in the metallurgical and steel industry to improve the quality of metals and alloys, in the automotive industry to increase the strength of critical components, in the electronics industry to optimize electrical properties, and in construction to obtain materials with optimal mechanical properties.

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