The treatment of Special Alloys is a series of industrial processes that are used to modify the physical and mechanical properties of metal alloys, in order to improve their strength, hardness, resilience, ductility or any other specific characteristic. This treatment involves the controlled heating and cooling of the metal parts to achieve structural transformations within the alloy.

Processes Details

These treatments are carried out under vacuum conditions and with cooling in inert atmosphere, which prevents surface oxidation and preserves the quality of the materials. The process normally comprises three main stages.

  1. Heating: Metal parts are placed in high vacuum furnaces and heated to precise and controlled temperatures, usually above the transformation temperature. The aim is to allow the crystalline structure of the alloy to become more homogeneous and, in some cases, to dissolve undesirable phases.
  2. Support or Stabilization: Once the parts reach the desired temperature, they are kept in that condition for a certain time to ensure that the microstructural transformation takes place completely and evenly.
  3. Cooling down: This can be slow or fast. The cooling method depends on the specific characteristics to be obtained in the alloy.

TTT Group, has the experience and resources necessary to perform these Heat treatments in a precise and controlled manner. Our approach adapts to the specific needs of each alloy and exotic material, ensuring that the desired structural and functional properties are obtained.

Parts and Components

The Treatment of Special Alloys is widely applied in various industries to a variety of parts and components. These include machinery parts such as gears, shafts and blades that require high strength and hardness, automotive components such as crankshafts, pistons and cranks that must withstand extreme loads and high temperatures, cutting tools such as bits and cutting tools that need a combination of hardness and resilience for optimal performance and aerospace components such as turbines and compressors that need to be lightweight and resistant.

Fields of Application

It is applied extensively in various industrial sectors. In the automotive industry it is used to improve the quality and performance of components, such as engines and transmissions. In the aerospace industry, it is used to produce lightweight and resistant parts that meet safety standards. In some aeronautical applications areas of the part can be subjected to surface treatments such as plasma projection to achieve harder areas or even abradable (soft) coatings. In the machinery industry, wear-resistant and high-durability parts are manufactured. In addition, in the metallurgical industry, the quality of alloys used in various industrial and engineering applications is improved.

TTT Group holds the corresponding aeronautical certifications, which guarantees the application of these processes with the highest quality standards in aeronautical applications and in other sectors of the industry.

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